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under_xmas_tree's Journal

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Under The Tree — A Holiday Gifting Community
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What is under_xmas_tree all about?

It's fairly simple really; it's been too long since we've had something Christmas-oriented and I wanted to change that. laurahonest has come up with some dandy communities; such as treat_or_trick and easterbaskets and this more or less, follows that same idea.

How it works: You sign up on the correct post. Then a moderator (always on the hunt for those!) will make a new post with the comments screened; and give you the link to pass around. Your friends will have until Christmas Eve to drop things off under your tree, then everything will be unscreened at midnight and you'll be informed of when it's all done!

There's no signing up for more than one tree, there's also no opening anything early.

Ideas for gifts: Graphics, icons, blinkies, uploaded songs, pictures, photos, drabbles, fics, compliments, etc. Get creative, be festive! The only thing I ask is that if you're uploading something that will eventually expire; please do it as late as possible to ensure the gift is received.

Can I lend a hand?

Oh, absolutely! If you'd like to help to either post trees and/or unscreen when the time comes, please leave a comment on this post! I'll gladly take all the help I can get!

How do I find trees?

All you have to do is look through the tags. Everyone who asks for a tree will be given the tag with their username as well as the year. I'll also be adding in a special tag for co-mods who help post the trees once they've been added.

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